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Our 32 years of trusted craftsmanship and fine attention to detail at Optima Kitchens, as well as our consistent talent in meeting installation deadlines and providing celebrated designs, have made us a leading authority in the field of kitchen design. We continually strive to create beautiful and ergonomic living spaces in which families and friends can spend time together, and we are adept at handling every stage of the kitchen-creation process, from design to installation, making your renovation experience as stress-free as possible and ensuring that you end up with a valuable addition to your home.  Optima Kitchens operates throughout the Johannesburg area. The services we offer include: #Kitchen #BIC's (Built In Cupboards) #Bathroom Vanities

Why Us? At Optima Kitchens we have a clear understanding of high-worth residential developments, and we have extensive experience of every process that goes into realising these complex projects. Our team is singularly capable of managing projects of every size without ever compromising on precision or quality. Working with us ensures that your vision for your space will be executed efficiently, with minimal stress and with particular artistry. We also never lose sight of the fact that the kitchen is integral to every household and has a pivotal role to play in bringing families together, facilitating everyday life and making a home memorable.

Optima the Linden:             

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Nestled amongst the Whippet, BemBom, The Argentinian, Yield and Brian Lara.
Experience European Design in 4th Ave Linden

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