Combining Two Different Forms Of Art


Our New Collaboration with Lizamore & Associates!

During recent photo shoots, we began to notice that some of our clients incorporated works of art into their open plan kitchen living spaces. Often, as designers, we will include images of paintings or sculptures into our display photographs as a way of indicating where cupboards will not be placed. This resulted in us realizing that art has its own particular presence and is essential in allowing you to fully personalize your space and express your own creativity and style. It makes perfect sense that we should be celebrating the fine arts as we continue to uphold the art of kitchen design. A kitchen should be ergonomic and functional, but the beauty of a kitchen
is important too.
In an effort to celebrate these two very different but perfectly complimentary art forms, we have collaborated with the sought after art gallery, Lizamore & Associates, to ensure that the best contemporary art by South African artists find their way into your kitchen. We’ll be featuring Lizamore’s artists on our pages and incorporate their work into our photography, enabling you to experience a perfectly selected artwork in your living space and supporting some of finest local artists.

About Lizamore & Associates

LIZAMORE & ASSOCIATES Entering its 20th year of operation, Lizamore & Associates gallery has been showing the work of new, as well as established contemporary South African artists. Through devotion to consistent excellence, Lizamore & Associates have managed to capture the market with their transparent and honest business ethics, and they continue exploring transformative possibilities through contemporary art.

Lizamore & Associates hosts exhibitions with their family of artists and new artists and continuously presents exciting new projects. Lizamore & Associates gallery takes the view that by showing a considered combination of exhibitions of the work of more established names, as well as carefully selected new voices, the gallery can promote new prospects to collectors, while still serving the growing market of buyers who look for the sound investment opportunities presented by more known artists. Artists who the gallery regularly work with include Jan Tshikuthulu, Zolile Phetshane, Lindo Zwane, Gregg Price, Johan Stegmann, Patrick Seruwu, as well as other more established artists amongst others Karin Preller, Louis Olivier, Johan van der Schijff, Arabella Caccia and Judy Woodborne. They have worked with many artists in the past, launching their careers and allowing for good judgement of extra ordinary talent in South Africa.

Turbine Art Fair
Thabang Lehobye & Melissa Fontini


Thabang Lehobye is a visual artist experimenting with paint on canvas and various stopmotion animation techniques
using acrylic paint and charcoal. He started his formal art practice at The Artist Proof Studio where his love for
the Johannesburg landscape as subject in his works started.
He graduated with a national diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Johannesburg and thereafter studied multimedia
at Vega. Thabang has been part of various collaborative exhibitions including a professional mentorship programme
at Lizamore & Associates with Professor Kim Berman as mentor; and a development programme After Hours
in Norway.
Lehobye is also the first prize winner of the 2021 Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards.


Melissa Fontini (32) is an independent artist living and working between Cape Town and Johannesburg. With a
firm foot in the creative world from spending years in performing arts, she found her voice on paper when she
took to living on the road for a year. Travelling through South Africa allowed her to explore various mediums and
styles, and after she settled in her home studio - she developed her unique language in oil, colour and pattern.
Melissa Fontini by Sune van Tonder