Optima Kitchens is an iconic heritage brand founded by Fanie Marais, who began his career in the kitchen industry in 1970. We were officially formed in 1991, making us 31 years old, and one of the most established kitchen companies in South Africa. 

The Optima family has grown substantially over the years. We started off with just 8 people in the factory and now employ more than 45 people and occupy a dedicated 1500m2  factory. 

In addition to the many awards and recognitions that Optima Kitchens has earned over the last 31 years, our team members are exceptionally present within the industry as a whole. CEO Stefan Marais currently serves on the Gauteng Executive of The Kitchen Specialist Association of South Africa meaning that, under his guidance, Optima Kitchens has an unparalleled understanding of, and presence within, the industry. COO Andries Kruger is an ex-school-master who joined in 1999 and has great expertise in industrial relations augmented by his Master’s Degree in Management. Such a strong management team allows us to passionately and capably handle every facet of any kitchen renovation project - whether this means designing and fitting kitchens for an entire high-end apartment complex or simply enhancing a family kitchen.  


The Optima Kitchens Philosophy

As we build on our existing 31 years of experience and excellence, we never lose sight of the fact that the kitchen is integral to every household and has a pivotal role to play in bringing families together, facilitating everyday life and making a home memorable. We continually strive to create beautiful and ergonomic living spaces in which families and friends can spend time together, and we are adept at handling every stage of the kitchen-creation process, from design to installation, making the renovation experience as stress-free as possible and ensuring that we make valuable additions to every home we touch.

Optima Core


S: Save

P: Productivity

U: United

R: Responsible (Reliable)


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