Our 29 years of trusted craftsmanship and fine attention to detail at Optima Kitchens, as well as our consistent talent in meeting installation deadlines and providing celebrated designs, have made us a leading authority in the field of kitchen design. We continually strive to create beautiful and ergonomic living spaces in which families and friends can spend time together, and we are adept at handling every stage of the kitchen-creation process, from design to installation, making your renovation experience as stress-free as possible and ensuring that you end up with a valuable addition to your home. 


Optima Kitchens operates throughout the Johannesburg area. The services we offer include:


    Kitchen Renovations

    Kitchen Repairs

    BIC's (Built In Cupboards)

    Bathroom Vanities

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Combining Two Different Forms Of Art

Announcing Our New Collaboration with Lizamore & Associates!


During recent photo shoots, we began to notice that some of our clients incorporated works of art into their open plan kitchen living spaces. Often, as designers, we will include images of paintings or sculptures into our display photographs as a way of indicating where cupboards will not be placed. This resulted in us realising that art has its own particular presence and is essential in allowing you to fully personalise your space and express your own creativity and style. It makes perfect sense that we should be celebrating the fine arts as we continue to uphold the art of kitchen design. A kitchen should be ergonomic and functional, but the beauty of a kitchen is important too. 


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